RSB Crosswords

Here are some crossword puzzles I have constructed. Please send any comments to me at (rsbowen at gmail dot com). You can solve them right now using the links below, thanks to the excellent work of I also have two other formats available: .puz and .pdf. The latter is suitable for printing, and there are many ways to open a .puz file:


A puzzle with circles in it (PDF forthcoming)


My first-ever crossword to be rejected by a real publication :).

Colonel of Truth


A collaboration with my friend Rob Sale.

Escape Claws

Great Abs!

The Referee

A very silly crossword (hint: start with 18-Across!). This one is a little weird and has some squares which are only clued by one direction. If you find that your .puz viewer is rendering these squares with a number (e.g., if you have a one-square 19-Down), use referee_blanks.puz, which has empty clues inserted. (If you use the wrong one, all the clue numbers will be off by one or two!)

And Co

A small crossword inspired by a trip to Denver – with a few local-knowledge clues.

Fruit Loops

What A Show!